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The objective of the Capability Maturity Model (CMM) is benchmarking processes by comparing current processes with the best practices in the industry. CMM assessment helps business leaders understand the current capability level and helps them improve organizational performance.

Whizible PSA is a software platform which offers Project Service Automation (PSA) and helps project-based firms improve their project management and related processes.


Whizible is SRP or ‘Services ERP Software’, aimed at creating a software platform which acts as an enterprise resource planning solution for services industries, such as engineering services, IT services, Software services, Banking and financial services and so on.

The two solutions, CMM and Whizible PSA, complement each other to deliver the optimal value to the firms implementing process improvement for their project operations.

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Let us look at typical pain points or challenges faced by a project manager during the project life-cycle.

  • Misunderstood scope and deliverable specifications
  • Time and costs overruns
  • Rework due to a high rate of defects
  • A mismatch between available and required resources
  • Workflow bottlenecks due to disparate silos
  • Loss of data due to the usage of multiple tools
  • Disconnected processes resulting into lack of warning signals for any delay or disruption
  • Sub-optimal quality of project output leading to customer dissatisfaction
  • Low employee morale affecting employee productivity and enterprise environment negatively


CMMI addresses the process improvement and benchmarking guidance part of the problem, and a software platform such as Whizible provides support throughout the project lifecycle management process from project initiation to project completion.

Whizible goes one step further by offering a stage-gate framework to select the right projects for the organization.

Getting CMM certification involves a large capital outlay. However, making your organization ready for CMM certification generates many opportunities in the Global market which can help business growth.

Whizible can be good technology support during your organization’s CMM process improvement journey.


The top 3 reasons why Whizible is good support during and after CMM are


1.    Whizible is a robust software platform which integrates all the processes related to project management in one single system, ensuring no data leakages.


Whizible is a modular software product, with no gaps between different modules. All modules are well integrated and data once entered in the first module gets carried forward to the next without any leakages.

This also helps avoid data duplication or double counting.

To know more about Whizible system architecture, please consult with our expert.


2.    Whizible helps capture all real-time data generated throughout all the stages of a project, which helps generate and track real-time metrics that can be used for predictive and corrective purposes.


CMMI has 5 process maturity levels. Implementing Whizible can help your organization achieve maturity level 2 without any assistance and level 3 with some guidance from a CMM consultant. Whizible is an ideal backend software platform which prepares an organization for CMM maturity level 4 and 5, where real-data collection throughout the organizational processes plays a vital role in achieving the desired quantitative objectives of internal and external stakeholders.


3.    Whizible is SaaS, is scalable and cost-effective and can be deployed quickly across the organization and can be accessed using the Internet.


Whizible is a software-as-a-service and can be hosted on a cloud with adequate data security. It is easy to access anytime, anywhere on the Internet.

Whizible PSA is based on user licenses and therefore can be used by a small company of 50 engineers/ developers to a large company of 5000 engineers/ developers, spread across many geographies.

Whizible can become sustainable support for your project management needs even after CMM appraisal and certification, to ensure continuity in the real-time metrics and process improvements.


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